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About us

Are you looking for a supplier for your fashion and sportswear?

Perhaps you want to find someone who offers great flexibility in quantities, cost-efficient solutions as well as in-line quality controls?

Svantex is a fast-growing supplier of high-quality clothing, offering a complete solution from sourcing to finished product. Boasting our own big-volume production in Bangladesh as well as office in Turkey and local representatives in China, we manufacture all kinds of garments – including tricot, denim, woven, outerwear, rainwear as well as accessories such as hats and gloves. By pooling our orders to a few selected manufacturers, we can offer competitive prices and short lead times.

When working together with us you become part of our team, which includes a designated contact person as well as skilled garment technicians who ensure your collection gets the right design, fitting and sizing. In addition, our on-site QC staff performs in-line and final inspection according to Swedish requirements.

For more information about what Svantex can offer you and your brand, please contact us.

Svantex AB

6 million pieces annually

Svantex was established in 2007 and we have since then focused on building long and fruitful relationships with our clients. We produce approximately 6,000,000 pieces annually in Bangladesh, China and Turkey combined.

Svantex AB


Hans Svantesson CEO Phone: 0046(0)733 31 96 64
Oscar Svantesson Product Manager Phone: 0046(0)-768 61 78 08
Pauline Ogheden Product Manager Phone: 0046(0)708 39 88 93
Olivia Ejervall Designer / Garment Technician 0046(0)-70 631 96 99
Emma Bengtsson Designer / Garment Technician 0046(0)-708 88 25 47
Anna Poletar Designer / Garment Technician 0046 (0) 730 4540 50
Sara Rutberg Garment Technician Phone: 0046(0)706 77 14 49
Victor Svantesson Finance & Logistics Phone: 0046(0)-733 247825
Elin Eriksson Garment Technician Phone: 0046(0)-738 192739
Tamralech Yigzaw Garment Technician Phone: 0046(0)-708 854545
Linda Svensson Product Manager Phone: 0046(0)-702 433655
Ferdous Islam Manager Bangladesh 0046(0)-700 65 84 96
Elisabeth Holsner Finance